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Flavours and Fragrances

Our Flavours and Fragrances Division boasts a highly qualified team that works collaboratively with customers to stay ahead of their procurement needs and help guarantee a continuous supply that meets their requirements.

In the Flavours and Fragrances Division we develop, manufacture and distribute natural and synthetic aroma chemicals, essential oils and cosmetic ingredients.

We have over 2,000 high-quality proprietary ingredients and natural specialities for making products in the fragrance, food and cosmetics industries.

Specifications and safety data sheets are not available on this website under construction. Please contact your regular sales rep.


code Title Sort descending Cas Fema Botanical name
Anisyl alcohol natural 105-13-5 2099
Anisyl formate 122-91-8 2101
Anisyl isobutyrate 6698-82-0
Anisyl propanal 5462-06-6
Ao-001 - aloe vera oil extract
Ao-002 - aloe vera oil extract
Aphermate 25225-08-5
Aprifloren tm 67663-01-8 3999
Argan oil 223747-87-3 Argania Spinosa (L.), Sapotaceae
Armoise oil 50% 84775-75-7 Artemisia herba-alba
Armoise oil 70% 84775-75-7 Artemisia herba-alba
Asafoetida oil 9000-04-8 2108 Ferula assafoetida L., Apiaceae
Aurantiol 89-43-0
Aurelione 88642-03-9
Avocado oil
Azarbre 68845-36-3
Basil concrete egypt linalool 8015-73-4 2119 Ocimum basilicum L., Labiatae
Basil oil egypt (linalool) 8015-73-4 2119 Ocimum basilicum L.
Basil oil india (methyl chavicol) 8015-73-4 2119 Ocimum basilicum L., Labiatae
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