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Flavours and Fragrances

Our Flavours and Fragrances Division boasts a highly qualified team that works collaboratively with customers to stay ahead of their procurement needs and help guarantee a continuous supply that meets their requirements.

In the Flavours and Fragrances Division we develop, manufacture and distribute natural and synthetic aroma chemicals, essential oils and cosmetic ingredients.

We have over 2,000 high-quality proprietary ingredients and natural specialities for making products in the fragrance, food and cosmetics industries.

Specifications and safety data sheets are not available on this website under construction. Please contact your regular sales rep.


code Title Cas Fema Botanical name Sort descending
Isobutyl quinoline 54 % dpg 65442-31-1
L-camphene 96% 79-92-5 2229
Methyl para-cresol 104-93-8 2681
Pino acetaldehyde 33885-51-7
4-ethyl guayacol natural 2785-89-9 2436
Isobutyl butyrate natural 539-90-2 2187
Para-cymene natural 99-87-6 2356
5-methyl furfural 620-02-0 2702
Para-cresyl acetate 140-39-6 3073
Anisaldehyde 123-11-5 2670
Aurelione 88642-03-9
Cis-3-hexenyl caprylate 61444-41-5
Damascone beta 23726-91-2 3243
Phenyl ethyl methyl ether 3558-60-9 3198
Helional 1205-17-0 4599
Benzyl isovalerate 103-38-8 2152
Manzanate 39255-32-8 3488
Octahydrocoumarin 4430-31-3 3791
Safranal 116-26-7 3389
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